Speed Up & Improve iPhoto ’09 Performance

Okay, since I updated to iPhoto ’09 (yes, I realize it’s currently 2010), I noticed a huge lag in performance upon opening the application.  Not only would it take long to load, but once the interface came up, if you tried to click around with your mouse, the rainbow wheel of death would start spinning.  Nobody likes that.  Follow these steps to improve and speed up iPhoto performance:

  1. Option + Command click the iPhoto application
  2. A box will pop up entitled: Rebuild Photo Library
  3. Check “Reclaim unused disk space from databases”
  4. Click “Rebuild”
  5. Checking any of the other ones doesn’t hurt either, it actually speeds it up even more.  Give it a try!

Also, if anyone has any additional advice or tips, please feel free to share.