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Think2Loud had been on shared hosting for just under two years, before I finally decided to take the leap and set up my own server. A few months ago I was reading a blog post by WooThemes about their new hosting setup. After reading about their insane hosting setup, I started doing a little research on VPS.net and came across a great article on Yoast.com about WordPress hosting. So going by what WooThemes had recently setup and what Yoast recommend, I moved Think2Loud to a VPS.net Cloud Server. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Not only does VPS.net have a great product for hosting WordPress but they are also extremely helpful and quick to respond to questions. So if you are looking for new hosting, be sure to check out a VPS.net Cloud Server.

VPS.net WordPress Hosting

Think2Loud doesn’t yet need the power that Yoast.com is running on. I got a VPS.net Cloud Server with the following setup on it, and what’s more, I did it all on my own. Yoast mentions in their WordPress article that if you buy 6 nodes or more, VPS.net will set you up with exactly what they have. Since Think2Loud currently only has about 15K visits a month, I couldn’t justify that much power. With some help from the VPS.net forums and following Yoast’s setup list, this is what I have running:

  • 1 Cloud Server at VPS.net, (2 nodes at the moment, tried 1 and there was just not enough RAM)
  • Centos with CPanel in the Atlanta cloud
  • replaced Apache with LiteSpeed (this really is easy )
  • installed APC so I could do database and output caching with the W3 Total Cache plugin
  • and of course a CDN. I went with MaxCDN because they were the best deal I could find

Pretty simple, right? Now there are a few things that I would like to share with you about VPS.net and the setup they have. I couldn’t find this info anywhere on the web but you may find it valuable. I know it made my day once I signed up and got started.

  • CPanel and WHM are monthly add-ons and VPS.net does the licensing.
  • LiteSpeed is also a monthly add-on and has a CPanel module. VPS.net also takes care of the license.
  • TThere is a small fee for there snapshot service. (Get it! you can never have too many backups).
  • I also setup Rsync on my server with the help of VPS.net. Again, there is a small fee, but it backs up everything.

That’s it! With just a little work, you can have one lean, mean, WordPress hosting machine. Be sure to check out the WordPress hosting article over at Yoast.com, and I would like to thank them for pointing me to a great hosting service.

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