Adding Twitter to Your Web Site with JavaScript

After testing out a few different ones, we finally settled on twitter.js written by Remy Sharp.

Twitter.js seems to have the most flexibility and had the options we were looking for. It also seems to load a lot more consistently than the others (although I think that is more of a network issue at work). Below is a list of all the ones we tried–they were all great. If you are looking to add your Tweets to you web site, below are some great places to start.

  • Twitter.js by Remy Sharp. Features a simple, clean setup that is easy to use and has a lot of options that can be set.
  • Tweet! by seaofclouds. This is a Jquery plugin and seemed to work very well. It didn’t do exactly what we were looking for, but since this is a Jquery plugin, it was hard to pass up.
  • addTweets This is great if you just lwant to add Tweets to you site with no work. You enter your Twitter info and addTweets generates all the code for you. You have up to 10 Tweets on your page with just a copy and a paste.