How to Set Featured Image in WordPress 3.5 or Later

Setting the featured image changed just a bit with the upgrade to 3.5 and later. I’ve gotten several questions about how to set the featured image in WordPress 3.5 so I’m sharing for all in 3 Easy Steps.

1. Edit Your Post

Edit your post and on the bottom right there should be a link to “Set Featured Image”. (see below).



2. Choose Your Image

Usually, the featured image you want to use will already have been uploaded to the page. So select “Uploaded to this Post”. If no images are uploaded yet, you can use the next screen to upload as well.



Once You have found your image or uploaded it. Select it with a click and then click “Set Featured Image”. (see below).




3. Save Your Changes

Don’t forget to click update when you are back on the edit post page to save your changes.

That’s’ it!