Tranformers of Themes

It just so happens that here at Think2Loud we love WordPress. We’re hoping that some of you do too and we want to share some of the exciting things we’ve learned or used that WordPress users (both novice and advanced) will find useful and informative. But we’re sure we don’t have all the answers, so if you think we’ve missed something please let us know in the comments. We’ll do our best to respond quickly!

You may have noticed that we changed our theme not too long back. We are running the Together theme by and now that we’ve had time to play around with it here and on our other sites we wanted to start sharing some of the things we really like about it starting with its ability to transform itself into lots of different looks with just a few clicks…

Global Theme Layout

The ability to set a global layout was one of the first things that really sold us on using the ThemeBrewer themes. Anyone who has purchased a theme somewhere only to find out that it would take an act of God or the very least help from one of your nerdy…errr…technically gifted…friends to get it to do what you wanted it to do should appreciate the incredible simplicity of radio buttons to change their layout. And better yet, you can wait to call in that favor from your own personal tech support until you really need it.


Per Page Layout

But what happens when you have some content that just can’t follow your global layout? Perhaps you have some graphics or other content that just doesn’t fit with the sidebar or maybe you need an extra sidebar for a particular page. That’s no problem either because each page can specify its own layout independent of the global option. Pretty cool stuff! And of course what makes us happiest about this whole process is we didn’t have to dig around in the theme code to make these changes.  And hey, it’s not like we’re lazy or we couldn’t write some code if we had to, but our TiVo might fill up and not record something important!  There are just some risks not worth taking.

We hope to delve into more of the cool features we like about ThemeBrewers themes over the next few weeks and we may even start tinkering with some of their other themes just to help us get familiar with, and test out, all the features. Besides, it’s always fun to redesign your blog, right?  Especially if it can be done quickly.

Let us know what you think in the comments and maybe even consider signing up for our newsletter.  We will be testing out a new WordPress newsletter application in the next few months, but we promise not to spam you. Optimus Prime would never allow it!