Using jQuery and XML to Populate a Drop-Down Box

Building on the post Reading XML with jQuery, I have modified the success function to parse the XML data and load it into a drop-down box. You can get the demo files from Reading XML with jQuery here. Once you download and unzip the demo files, open the index.html in your favorite editor. Then remove all the HTML between the body tag and also all the jQuery in the success function. I also changed the page title to “Using jQuery and XML to Populate a Drop-Down Box Demo.”

Reading XML with jQuery

Welcome to my first of many articles for Think2Loud! Today I thought I’d start with something simple that will lead into several other topics. So here we go, head first into reading XML with jQuery.

Use jQuery with Google Analytics to Track Clicks on Outgoing Links From Your Site.


So you have a nice site or blog with lots of links to other places. Wouldn’t it be nice to use the power built into Google Analytics to track those links, without having to add the necessary JavaScript to every link? Here is a very easy way: Add outbound link tracking to a new or existing site. Provided that your links to other sites have the REL attribute set, you can track them very easily with some help from jQuery.

Function Override for AS3?

Alright, so here is the problem: I work with several designers with varying abilities who all tinker with Flash. With making the switch to AS3, I am trying to package more stuff into classes for them to reuse. One of the classes I just created is a simple image loader that rotates the images using TweenMax.