How to Set Featured Image in WordPress 3.5 or Later


Setting the featured image changed just a bit with the upgrade to 3.5 and later. I’ve gotten several questions about how to set the featured image in WordPress 3.5 so I’m sharing for all in 3 Easy Steps. 1. Edit Your Post Edit your post and on the bottom right there should be a link […]

Tech Timeout: Don’t Forget to Reboot Yourself

Mt. Lafayette Winter

In the salad days of my youth we didn’t have HDTV, iPhones or iPads. Video games weren’t considered military simulators. And social media was an honest-to-goodness handshake. If this is sounding like your grandfather’s rant about having to walk to school, uphill, both ways, in a snowstorm, barefoot, that’s not my intent. On the contrary, […]

The Ditch Microsoft Office for Mac Challenge

microsoftoffice-vs-openoffice copy

I am going to take a quick break from WordPress related topics to discuss a new challenge I have set for myself in hopes of proving that it would be possible for my employer to ditch Microsoft Office in favor of an OpenOffice alternative. It’s easy to say that OpenOffice can replace Microsoft Office, but […]

Tranformers of Themes


It just so happens that here at Think2Loud we love WordPress. We’re hoping that some of you do too and we want to share some of the exciting things we’ve learned or used that WordPress users (both novice and advanced) will find useful and informative. But we’re sure we don’t have all the answers, so […]

How to sync files between computers without passwords


These instructions can be used to securely and automatically rsync files between 2 computers (Linux or Mac) either on your local network or even across the Internet using certificates/keys instead of passwords.¬†Syncing files between 2 computers without using passwords is really not as difficult as it may seem, trust me! The instructions below are combination […]

Quick & Easy CSS3 Generators

Here are a few CSS3 Generators that you should definitely take a look at.¬† I say this because in my opinion they cover the most ground when it comes to ease of use all in one place and browser support.¬† These CSS3 Generators are great for border-radius, box-shadow, background gradient and opacity. CSS3 PIE: CSS3 […]

Search 1Password with Google Chrome’s 1Password Extension


1Password is one of the Apps on my Mac that I use the most. 1Password can create strong, unique passwords for you, remember them, and restore them, all directly in your web browser. It come bundled with extensions for all the major browsers. Recently I have started using Google Chrome for Mac more and more. […]

How to Split Your Mac Hard Drive into 2 Partitions

If you’re like me, then you’re probably trying to figure out how to install OS X Lion on your Mac. The first requirement is that you have an extra partition on your Mac. Follow the instructions below to add a new partition to your Mac on the fly without formatting anything. **WARNING: It should go […]